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I'm not trying to educate you
but maybe you could just think about opening your

Black Man PROVES Adam and Eve Biblical Story is a LIE : His DNA Dates Back 338 THOUSAND YEARS! | The MadMan Chronicles

Black on Black Destruction

Most pro-black blogs on tumblr cater middle class and upperclass blacks and talk about the everyday racism for them they tend to stay away from black on black destruction . Growing up I didn’t see white people often nor did I have any white friends so the hateful things I heard growing up about black men and black women didn’t come from a white voice. Before I never experience my 1st taste of racism I had to deal with black on black destruction from “light skin vs dark skin ” to black men ain’t shit.
And in 2014 much hasnt changed in the black ghettos between cities closing down urban schools and black teen pregnancy still being high . While most black blogs talk about white oppression it seems that none want to talk about why are black women really feel less than or why our black men feel that being a men is measured by the amount of pussy or babies they have. Some blacks say the way to fix our problems is fighting against white oppression but I say we should start from the bottom and figure out why black men don’t want to get married or why they don’t want to stay in their kids leaves or why black women breed hate into their daughters but birth their sons onto a pedestal . White Oppression is real but the only way to fight it is to fix our people cause we have to remember most black aren’t middle class or upperclass and the only whites they see are teachers and police and before they experience racism they deal with black on black destruction.

Chicago closed down 50 Urban School last yr!

“We don’t have a library but our city is building 4million dollar prison-Black Student”

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When blacks get white brainwashed

Its really hard to make them see the light …she’s ok that only black shows with all black cast are The Game ,Let’s Stay Together , Tyler Perry shows , Being Mary Jane and Real husband Of Hollywood but yet wants to get mad about the few show with gay couples in them because they are throwing the gayest in her face …fuck that! You should be that there isn’t a black girls show or a black sex in the city or a black big C …oh that’s right blacks don’t live lives like that I forgot ….